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Take Action For Jenny!

Save Jenny Now

Concerned Citizens for Jenny, a grass-roots Dallas Metroplex citizen’s group, advocates for retiring African elephant Jenny to The Elephant Sanctuary, a 2,700 acre natural habitat refuge.  We are trying to save elephant Jenny now.

Jenny has spent the last twenty-two years eking out a pitiful and miserable existence in a less than one quarter acre barren and antiquated exhibit at the Dallas Zoo.   She has lived in solitary confinement since May of 2008, which is inherently cruel, as female elephants are intensely social creatures and require the company of others of their species to thrive and remain emotionally healthy. 

We believe that Jenny deserves better.


 Take Action For Jenny!



By any measure, Jenny has had a hard life.

As a result, Jenny is an emotionally troubled elephant and desperately needs special care that she cannot get in any zoo.  She suffers from prolonged bouts of crippling depression and has been known to self-mutilate. Jenny also has an extensive history of physical problems, including painful and hard-to-heal foot abscesses, caused by restricted movement and unnatural confinement in the zoo. This is very serious as many elephants in zoos die of foot problems.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is uniquely suited to care for Jenny, as its sole focus is the rehabilitation of elephants. This 2,700 acre natural-habitat refuge provides 300 acres for the exclusive use of its three resident African elephants and is world recognized for its expertise and experience healing troubled and ailing elephants like Jenny.

Learn more about Jenny by clicking on "Jenny's Beginnings" and "Jenny at the Zoo" and "Consequences of Inaction."    Most important of all, click on “Take Action for Jenny."  Please act for Jenny.  Please also link this site to your own website and Facebook, and cross post to everyone you know. 

Jenny relies on each of us to speak for her, as she has no one else.

One person can make a difference in this world. Let that one person be you.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke



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